Ready To Get In Shape?

Are you feeling “old”? Do nagging aches and pains greet you each and every morning? Or did you just receive doctor’s orders to get in shape…or else?

Far too many men experience a serious downturn in their health and fitness once they pass the age of 40. The muscle mass of youth has diminished, old injuries become more bothersome, and a slowing metabolism plays havoc with the waistline.

To make matters worse it can be difficult to not only ask for help — but to know who to turn to.

We get it — and we want you to know that Strength Clinic is here for you. The simple truth is a properly designed fitness program for this stage of your life can make you look and feel a heckuva lot better.

4 x 5lbs = 20lbs lost!

Our personal approach takes into account your present condition and safely progresses you to exactly where you need to be.

Strength Clinic offers Orlando Men over 40 several key advantages:

  • Our time efficient approach saves you hours per week
  • Everything we do is joint-friendly; we work to strengthen weak joints and work around problem joints as necessary
  • Our facility is state-of-the art and has everything you need to become the best version of yourself
  • Full nutrition supports means you’ll soon be taking the belt in a notch or two (or three or four…)

We believe it’s your birthright to feel healthy and strong — now come reclaim it at Strength Clinic!


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