Masters-Level Athlete?


Whether you are a weekend warrior or compete at the national level, you take your sport seriously and want every advantage possible.

Tennis, cycling, running, triathlon…just about every sport performance improves when your base level fitness is enhanced through a fine-tuned strength and conditioning program.

We can help maximize your fitness and safeguard you from injury so you get the most out of your sport-specific training and are prepared to give your best performance when it counts.

Strength Clinic offers the Orlando based masters-level athlete several key advantages:

    Supreme conditioning is Derek’s secret to BJJ success

  • Our workouts complement sport specific training. This means your base level fitness improves without interfering with your ability to practice your sport or compete fresh
  • Our workouts are safe; we take special precautions to avoid injuries to keep you in your sport and off the sidelines
  • Our facility is designed for performance and the 5-star environment allows for total concentration and focus
  • Full nutrition support can help you boost your strength-to-weight ratio (a key performance metric for most sports) and raise your performance

If you’ve invested countless time and energy into your sport but are looking for that final competitive edge, Strength Clinic can help take you to the next level.  Contact us today and position yourself to win!

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