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Need Expert Personal Fitness Training?

At Strength Clinic, we are experts when it comes to helping men and women reach their fitness goals.  Since our personal fitness training is time-efficient and also science-based, you will be thrilled with your transformation as a result. So when you're ready for personal fitness training catered to your exact needs, Strength Clinic is ready for you!

Masters Athlete?

Are you a Masters-Level Athlete looking for the competitive edge? Strength Clinic personal fitness training helps protect your body from injury, in addition to providing a rock-solid foundation to boost your sport specific training and raise your game day performance!

Too Busy For Exercise?

Are you a professional with little time to exercise? When work and family commitments have made fitness difficult, turn to Strength Clinic to get you back on track. Since we specialize in time-efficient workouts, you’ll get in great shape and save hours per week!

Newly Single?

Has your love life been a little lackluster recently? If your fitness is a step behind, getting back in shape can do wonders not only for your health, but also your social life. Use our expertise to transform your body and boost your status in the Orlando dating market!

Patrick is an incredible trainer; he truly knows how to get results for his clients. Being able to get yourself in great shape is an outstanding accomplishment; being able to inspire others to do it is even better.

Doug McGuff, M.D.,

Author, 'Body by Science'

Strength Training: Your Gold Standard Workout!

Strength Clinic’s advantage is we specialize in the most efficient, safe, and effective means to get in shape. Strength training done right simply has no peers --it is the gold standard! In addition to personal fitness training that is both time-efficient and surprisingly easy on the joints, our nutrition program is simple and what's more, easy to follow.  Here are few key other advantages:

  • 20-minute workouts save you 4-8 hours per week while also delivering big results!
  • One-on-one or semi-private training programs are available to fit your preference or budget
  • Our complete 'Nutrition-Made-Easy' program is simple to follow and leads to amazing fat loss results!
  • Online support and education is also available through our exclusive Strength Clinic University

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Our Services: VIP Training For You!

  • One-on-One training
  • Semi-Private Training
  •  Nutrition Support
  • Strength clinic University
  • ​Our 5-Star Facility

One-On-One Personal Training

  • The ultimate training experience for motivation, accountability, and support
  • Private training environment allows for 100% focused training
  • Zero wait time means incredible workout efficiency
  • Personalized attention to address specific injuries or routine adjustments
  • 5-star training facility outfitted with the best training equipment
  • Full nutrition support

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School of Rock (Hard Abs)!

Serious results requires serious resources! Our exclusive online university has everything you need to assist you in your pursuit of physical mastery. Our growing library includes both nutrition and exercise videos and articles that are the perfect accompaniment to your in-studio training sessions!  

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Do you want to know the one secret that undeniably leads to better fitness results? In this short video you will learn the one secret that above all else can be responsible for helping you finally achieve the fitness results of your dreams! Watch the video now!