Crunched for Time?

 Crunched For Time?

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​Professional success require disciple, knowledge and time, but when work and family commitments keep your calendar full it can be difficult to ​stay in shape.

​This is why successful professional men in Orlando choose Strength Clinic to meet their fitness ​goals.

We are experts in designing time-efficient workouts that are big on results while being easy on your schedule. ​In one hour or less per week, ​including drive time, you can achieve your fitness goals and still manage your life outside of the gym.

Strength Clinic offers the time-crunched professional several key advantages:

  • Our high intensity training saves you hours per week
  • Our perfect, private environment means no waiting
  • Schedule appointments allows for both flexibility and accountability
  • We are centrally located and just minutes from College Park, Ocoee Altamonte Springs, Maitland, and Downtown Orlando

The bottom line is if you give Strength Clinic a few minutes each week you’ll soon realize you can have it all…professional, family, and fitness success!

​John JeBailey

 ​Owner, Cranium Academy of East Orlando


The difference in how I feel is amazing. As a business owner with young kids, I need to be on the move. Now I have energy and I’m not sedentary anymore. Also, I used to have significant shoulder pain but the pain has gone down significantly; it’s night and day. And the weight loss has been fantastic. I’m actually down to my high school weight now.

Strength Clinic: VIP Training For You!

  • One-on-One training
  • Semi-Private Training
  •  Nutrition Support
  • Strength clinic University
  • ​Our 5-Star Facility

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