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​Doug McGuff, M.D.

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“​Patrick's combination of real-world fitness experience and (not so) common sense approach to training clients really shows in his Monday Motivation emails.  They're quick-to-read, straight to the point, and will help get you in fantastic condition. 

​Skylar Tanner, M.S.

​Exercise Physiology

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When you want to get in shape it can be a daunting task.  Here are just a few questions I get asked all the time!

  • ​What is the best time of day to workout?
  • ​Should I be using free weights or machines?
  • ​What should I eat immediately before working out?  What about afterwards?
  • ​I have a shoulder (or other joint) problem.  Is there a way to workout and not make it worse?
  • Should I be on a low-carb diet?  What about Paleo?  What about Nutri-System?

  • ​​​I have a cold.  Should I still workout?  What about the flu?
  • ​Will working out boost my testosterone levels?

Get the answers to all your questions and more.

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  •  Frustrated with your 'Dad/Mom bod'?  There are 2 key things you must know to beat it 
  • ​ Dependent or Independent?  What you must know about physical health and your personal freedom
  •  Want the most bang for your nutrition buck?  Focus on this one thing in your diet

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“​Patrick pretty much makes the bits and bytes of internet arguing go away with his ​sound advice. Met him in person at a conference --one of the more reasonable guys out there in 'personaltrainerworld'.​"

​Bill DeSimone

​Author, 'Congruent Exercise'

About Patrick Diver

For over 15 years, Patrick has led the way to exceptional fitness results for a diverse range of Orlando men and women and has supervised over 25,000 injury-free workouts.  Patrick also speaks regularly and has been featured on Fox-35, News Channel 13, and had given over 150 fitness talks to many of Central Florida’s most successful companies including Darden Restaurants, Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, Universal Creative, and the Orlando Economic Development Commission.

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