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Our Advantage

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One of the biggest challenges in achieving fitness goals is knowing who to turn to for expertise and guidance. Most fitness programs require too much time, are too hard on the joints, and come with complicated meal plans that are difficult to follow. In other words, most fitness programs are not addressing the fact that you are busy, can't afford to get hurt, and need a simple but effective nutrition approach. 

At Strength Clinic we understand your unique requirements and are experts at men and women achieve their specific fitness goalsSo if your doctor says you need to get a handle on your health or you're a masters-level athlete looking for a legitimate advantage, Strength Clinic can provide the no-nonsense approach you desire.

Reasons Orlando Men And Women Choose Strength Clinic:

  • Evidence-Based: Our exercise protocols are backed by years of research and have a proven track record of results.
  • Time-Saving: Our workout program will save you 4-8 hours per week compared to less sophisticated exercise programs.
  • Safe: Our exercise program is friendly to the low back, knees, shoulders and other joints that men over 40 often experience wear and tear problems due to age and/or injury.
  • Proven: We have surprised over 25,000 injury-free yet highly productive workout sessions since 2002.
  • State-of-the-Art: Our equipment is current and has been hand-selected to help you achieve your goals efficiently.
  • Environment: Our facility is spotless, distraction free, and the ideal place that encourages you to produce your best effort.
  • Integrity: We walk the talk! Week after week, year after year — we follow the same exercise direction as the men we serve.

We promise:

  • A great attitude and professional demeanor at all times
  • A proactive stance on spotting and solving problems
  • Up-front disclosure about what we’re going to do, program expectations, and how much it will cost

In summary, Strength Clinic makes fitness a blast in a 5-star environment designed especially for your success. Join us today and let the transformation begin!

​Doug McGuff, M.D.

 ​Author, 'Body by Science'

​Patrick is an incredible trainer. I got to work out under his supervision and it was a great experience. I also got to meet one of his clients, and the thing that really came out is that he truly knows how to get results for his clients. Being able to get yourself in great shape is an outstanding accomplishment; being able to inspire others to do it is even better.

Strength Clinic: VIP Training For You!

  • One-on-One training
  • Semi-Private Training
  •  Nutrition Support
  • Strength clinic University
  • ​Our 5-Star Facility

One-On-One Personal Training

  • The ultimate training experience for motivation, accountability, and support
  • Private training environment allows for 100% focused training
  • Zero wait time means incredible workout efficiency
  • Personalized attention to address specific injuries or routine adjustments
  • 5-star training facility outfitted with the best training equipment
  • Full nutrition support