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​High Praise From National Fitness Expert

 ​Doug McGuff, M.D. ​

 Author, "Body by Science"


​Patrick is an incredible trainer. I got to work out under his supervision and it was a great experience. I also got to meet one of his clients, and the thing that really came out is that he truly knows how to get results for his clients. Being able to get yourself in great shape is an outstanding accomplishment; being able to inspire others to do it is even better.

Business Owner Feels The Difference


The difference in how I feel is amazing. As a business owner with young kids, I need to be on the move. Now I have energy and I’m not sedentary anymore. Also, I used to have significant shoulder pain but the pain has gone down significantly; it’s night and day. And the weight loss has been fantastic. I’m actually down to my high school weight now.

 John JeBailey 

​Owner, Cranium Academy of East Orlando

A Great Boost To My Cycling Performance

​Brian Davis

​US Masters National Cycling Champion


​Strength training has been a great boost to my training on the bike. I know my increase in core and upper body strength has made a significant difference in my climbing and it's definitely improved my ability to stay strong at the end of races.

Money Well Spent


May be the best money I've ever spent. I seriously feel the best I've every felt physically. So thank you."

​Khalid El-Musrati


Fits My Hectic Schedule

​Brian ​Lazusky

​Knights of Columbus Insurance


​The best thing about working out at Strength Clinic is the efficiency. With work and family, my schedule is full, but I never have to miss working out. I can get in and out quickly, and still see measurable results: I lost 22 pounds in my first couple months and I continue to see my strength increase each month. To me that's a total win.

Stronger, Healthier...Happier!


​I began my journey a little over 3 months ago. I weighed 170 pounds. Since that time, I've lost 17 pounds. My weight is now 153 pounds and I feel great. I don't feel great simply because I lost weight or because of any boost to my ego that weight loss may have given me; I feel great because I feel stronger, healthier, and just happier overall.

​Tony Giovanoli


So Many Extra Benefits


​I have been doing the strength training for near on six months and have discovered other benefits and not just a decrease in the waistline: I have more restful sleep, I have more energy i.e. no longer feel lethargic, I have noticed more stamina and strength when doing physical tasks, I have had positive comments from family and friends on my appearance, and have received guidance on eating better without having to diet. In fact I probably eat more now than before! And all for less than thirty minutes twice a week!

​Alex Laverty

​Technical Consultant

Strength Clinic:  A No Brainer!

​Daniel ​Walker

​Sales Consultant


​Working out at Strength Clinic was a no brainer for me. The workouts were hard but they didn't take long so they didn't mess up my schedule. And the eating plan was easy to follow as well. In less than 6 months I lost over 100 pounds and saw a pretty big jump in my fitness level. Like I said, a no brainer!

​Zero Injuries and Constant Progress


​Never felt better and had measured results better than when working out at Strength Clinic less than an hour per week. I always felt rested, focused, and ready for the next workout. Never missed a session because of it. Furthermore, ZERO injuries despite consistent personal records in lifts for over a year. Truly remarkable!

​Dan-Michael Trbovich 

​Architect, Borrelli & Partners